Set goals. Set targets. Grow your savings.

Kava is the new way to save and invest towards your dreams and ambitions. We have done away with high minimum saving thresholds and enabled you to earn a return from as little as KES 200/-. It’s 100% on mobile which means zero paperwork to get you started. Deposit easily and track the performance of each goal in just a glance.

High Interest

Earn up to 9% p.a* interest on your savings


So Accessible

Savings start earning returns from as low as KES. 200


100% Virtual

Register, Deposit, Set goals, Track your performance. It’s all on mobile


Set Unlimited Goals

Set as many goals as your dreams and track them in-App

Commonly asked questions

Are my savings safe?

Totally. All savings through the Kava platform go to the custody of Britam Asset Managers (K) Limited, a regulated entity governed by CMA rules and having high credibility in Kenya.

Why Kava

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to demolish barriers to financial inclusion by enabling people and businesses take control of how they consume financial services. We are eliminating the hurdle of multiple financial providers by providing consumers with a one stop financial services supermarket.