Who is Kava?
Kava is a Money Management and Lending Platform for Consumers and Traders.
Is Kava a Bank?
Kava is not a Bank. We are an approved Financial Services Agent for various Financial Institutions, on whose behalf we provide various products and services. As such, Kava has no access whatsoever to your savings and only facilitates the movement of money between you and the Banking partner and focus on making your experience as delightful as possible. We are similarly an agent of numerous other non-financial institutions, such as Telco’s, billers, ticketing providers and such. Certain products such as certain payment solutions and Kava Loans are provided directly on our own behalf.
Who can use the Kava App?
Any permanent resident in Kenya who is over 18 years of age and has a valid ID number is eligible to use the Kava App. (Some services may be available to those under 18’s using their parent’s details). You’ll also need to have a device that can run our mobile app.
Do I really need to have a smartphone?
You’ll get a lot more out of your Kava account with our mobile app. A smartphone makes all this possible. However the services will also be accessible via USSD, but with limitations on features.
How do I access Kava?
To access Kava, download the app on Google Play Store for Android Phone users and follow the simple 2 step registration. Alternatively, you can call 0709 880 000 to have our customer care agents walk you through the registration process
How do I apply for Kava services?
After registration it is possible to access the services on your smartphone. The services are Savings & Borrowing.
What should I do if I don’t understand the terms and conditions?
It is critical you understand what you agree to when you take a Kava loan. Kava highlights four major points you must agree to when you accept a loan offer:

(a) To pay the loan balance on or before the due date. This means that a loan MUST be paid back by the due date.
(b) To allow use of your personal data to determine loan offers. This means you consent to Kava considering and analyzing your personal data in order to determine your loan offers. Your personal data comes from many sources, including your phone, bill payments, the credit bureaus, and other sources.
(c) To be subject to fees and penalties for late payment. This means you consent to pay additional fees and interest if your loan payment is late.

Please visit https://kava.africa/faqs” to read full Terms & Conditions. If you need further explanation of the Terms & Conditions please contact customer care by calling 0709 880 000 you can also send an email to kava@kava.africa.
How do I qualify for Kava loans?
In order to qualify for Kava, you must have:-
  1. Kenyan ID/Passport number
  2. Parents ID/Passport number if under 18
  3. Physical address
  4. An active email address
  5. Postal address
Do I need collateral or documentation to receive a Kava loan?
You do not need any collateral or documentation to receive a Kava loan.
What loan typs does Kava offer?
Presently the loan products available are;
  1. StaffKava – Salary advances for staff of businesses registered with Kava
  2. Kibaba Loan – An exciting loan service available to those who have saved a minimum of KES 1000/- in their Kibaba Savings on the Kava App.
Tell me more about Kibaba?
  • Kibaba is a financial product designed to bring customers the ability to save and earn attractive returns and get credit against their savings. In short, Kibaba enables your savings to do more!
What role does Britam play in Kibaba?
  • Kava and Britam have partnered to bring customers Kibaba. Britam is licensed by Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and Retirements Benefits Authority (RBA). Your Kibaba savings are remitted directly and managed by Britam whenever you make a deposit.
Do I need to speak to a Kava agent to apply for a loan?
NO. You are not required to talk to any agent to receive a Kava Loan. However, we are happy to assist you if you have any questions. Please call us on 254 709 880 000 or email kava@kava.africa.
How long does it take to get a Kava loan?
Kava does not guarantee a time within which you will receive your loan, but most customers complete the application and receive the money in their M-PESA account within the hour.
How do I increase my loan offers on Kava?
The best way to increase the size of your loan offers is to pay your Kava loans early.
What interest rates are charged for loans?
For each loan amount borrowed, we levy a flat Kava Charge. The Kava Charge varies depending on the Kava loan product requested. Late repayments attract penalties at flat rates as well. Kava shall from time to time publish fees/ charges applicable on Loans taking into account the prevailing market conditions.
How much money can I borrow on the Kava app?
Kava will usually start with a small loan and grow your amounts over time as you pay your loans and build trust with the system. The minimum loan amount on all loans is KES 1000/-
How do I pay back my Kava loan?
1. To pay your Kava loan, go to your mobile app and navigate to “Repay My Loan”
2. Choose Mode of payment. (Currently, only MPESA is active)
3. Enter the amount you want to repay
4. Enter number you will be paying from (can be any number other than the one registered in your Kava App account).
5. Enter your MPESA pin
6. A confirmation message will be sent to your registered number via sms.

1. Go to your M-pesa menu
2. Enter your account number
3. Enter the Paybill number 580500
4. Enter the amount you want to repay
5. Enter your MPESA pin

What fees are charged on Kava loans?
Kava usually charges a one-time registration fee of Kshs. 20 and interest facility fee of 7.5% of the loan amount as well as a processing fee of Kshs. 50.
When does a Kava loan have to be paid back?
Depending on the loan you chose, your Kava loan can be paid back in 1, 2 or 3 instalments.
What if I’m unable to pay my Kava Loan on the due date?
If you do not pay your loan by the due date, the loan accrues a late penalty charge.
How is the Kibaba loan calculated?
You pay loan interest as specified in the offer, with additional 1% late fee if you are late or default. For example, if you take a Ksh. 1,000 loan @ 10% to be paid back in 1 instalment, your loan balance is calculated as follows:-
If you pay by the due date:
Loan value: Kshs. 1,000
7.5% loan interest: Kshs. 75
Processing fee: Kshs. 50
LOAN BALANCE: Kshs. 1, 125
I’m interested. How do I get access to Kibaba savings?
It’s easy! Download Kava App on Play store, register by providing minimum KYC details, accept Terms & Conditions and create a Kibaba savings account.
Are my savings safe?
Totally. Savings through the Kava platform go to the custody of Britam Asset Managers (K) Limited a regulated entity governed by CMA rules and tremendous experience in Kenya.
How do I make a deposit?
Funding your savings account is via MPESA at the moment.
    Login to the Kava App
  1. Select the account you want to make a deposit into
  2. Enter the amount you want to save
  3. Enter you MPESA PIN
  4. Your savings account will be credited immediately
What is the minimum saving amount?
At the moment, the minimum amount to activate an account and earn interest is KES 1,000/-.
Will I have access to my savings history?
Yes, you can see your available balance anytime on your Personal Dashboard on the Kava App. In addition, you will receive monthly statements including your investment balance & savings details sent to the email that you specified during registration.
Can I save money using a different phone number to the one registered?
Your phone number is your unique identifier, so you can save from a different phone number. In case you change your phone number, kindly update your personal information on the app.
Can other people save into my account?
Yes, anyone saving for you will use the same process as (How do I save?) above
Can I withdraw my money?
Yes. It’s your money. You can withdraw it at anytime through the Kava App and your money will be credited to your mobile money account within 48hours. However, we encourage you to keep your money for longer in order to earn a more healthy return on your savings.
Must I save a specific amount monthly?
It’s entirely up to you. You can save anytime you like. The product is flexible and does not have any set requirements for making deposits. However, saving often means your nest –egg grows faster!
When do my savings start earning Interest?
The minimum amount to start earning interest is KES 1000/-. Once you make a deposit, your savings will be invested by Britam and will start earning interest 24 hours after the deposit is made.
What is StaffKava?
StaffKava® is a money management and lending platform that is linked to payroll. It offers small and medium sized businesses an opportunity to enhance talent retention and employee financial wellbeing through fairer financial products that are tied to their salaries. The product basket includes easy credit, savings and ability to pay for health & motor insurance in instalments.
Why should I choose StaffKava?
  • The App is simple and secure to use
  • Our interest rates are favorable, hence reduce the sense of indebtedness for Employees
  • It is convenient and discreet for Employees as loans are disbursed instantly to mobile phone
  • It helps HR Managers focus on their core duties by taking away the administrative headache of managing and accounting for advances
  • Savings earn up to 10% per year for as low as 1000/-
  • HR and Administrators get their own portal where they can view Employee loan activity
Who is eligible for StaffKava?
Any Kenyan citizen who is over 18, employed and receives a regular salary is qualified. However, the Employer has to sign up to the scheme for staff to enjoy the service.
Are there any costs to joining StaffKava for the Employer?
Nope. There are no costs whatsoever to join. The only thing we ask, is for the Employer to deduct what is due to Kava specifically, the amount equivalent to the total loans + fees at the end of the month and remit the same to us.
I’m an interested Employer, what do I need to do?
All you need to do is reach out to us. Log on to www.kava.africa/StaffKava and register your interest. Or call us on 0109 880 000 and a StaffKava agent will get back to you.
I’m an Employee, how do I access StaffKava?
Once your Employer is on board:
  • Simply download the App from Google Play store for Android Phone users
  • Register on the App
  • Save a minimum of Kshs.1000 and you are immediately qualified to access the product.
How many StaffKava Loan products can Employees choose from?
Staff can choose the following products depending on their needs:
• Salary Advance with 30 Days Repayment Term
• Staff Loan with a 60 Days-90 Day Repayment Term
How are loan limits calculated?
Loan limits are calculated automatically based on a %age of salary.
What happens when am unable to access my StaffKava Product or require further assistance?
If you are having a challenge accessing your Administrative portal or products, please contact us on 0709 880 000 or kava@kava.africa. We will be happy to assist you.
What personal data is used to determine loan offers?
Kava uses many data sources to determine your loan offers, including the data from your phone, M-pesa data, the credit bureaus, and others.
How do you handle my personal information?
Your personal details are confidential and are not disclosed to anybody. Kava and our partners will never sell, rent, or loan any personal information that you give us.
Can I refuse the use of personal data by Kava?
Yes. Kava only considers your personal data when you apply for a loan. If you do not apply for a loan, your personal data is not considered.
Will anyone know I took a Kava loan?
Your loan status is never shared with anyone Kava may only notify the credit reference bureau that you have taken a loan and defaulted on payment.